Chiarenza - one foot in the future

Stories - 22 July 2019
Chiarenza - one foot in the future

"The atlases say that Sicily is an island and it will be true, atlases are books of honor. We would however like to doubt it, when we think that the concept of the island usually corresponds to a compact lump of race and customs, while here everything is odd, mixed, iridescent, as in the most hybrid of the continents.
There is the green Sicily of the carob tree, the white one of the salt pans, the yellow of sulfur, the blond one of honey, the purple one of lava. (...) There is a "babba" (a bit silly) Sicily, that is mild, to the point of seeming stupid; a "dreamy" Sicily, that is clever, dedicated to the most utilitarian practices of violence and fraud. There is a lazy Sicily and a frenetic one; one that is exhausted in the anguish of roba (belongings), one that plays life like a carnival script; one, finally, that leans over a ridge of wind in an access of dazzled delirium ... "
Gesualdo Bufalino "The plural island"

We have chosen to be frenetic and not to stop. We started out with many challenges in our new premises in Castellammare del Golfo, in our Sicily! So we will open soon the doors of our new store! Until then, be sure to get lost on the rest of the site, we’ve got plenty for you to see!

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